Drafts on Tap

Drafts on Tap is a monthly reading for poetry and other written work at Jones Beach Bushwick, which, despite the title of this series, does not actually serve draughts on tap. Beginning out of my apartment in April 2018, the series has expanded into a still-growing community of writers and artists. Drafts on Tap is currently working on expanding into creating group publications and anthologies. To get involved or maybe oh I don’t know read something, contact me.

Next Reading:
Monday, October 14, 7:30pm
Jones Beach Bushwick, 4 Stuyvesant Ave

Past Readers

Alyssa Weilenman
Leslie Crockett
Isaac Soloway
Montana Thomas
Max-Henry Moorhead
Natasha Magallon
Elisabeth O’Driscoll
Clair Gunther
Stephen Michaels
M. Gutes
Dakotah Murphree
Eva Silverman
Charlotte Williams
Anna Archibald
Deirdre Keough
Maeve A’Hearn
Ben Titera
Jesse Ludington
Quinn Sullivan
Cassie Geltner
Kyle James Michael
Kelsey Podaras
Sophia Parker
Cashel O’Sullivan
Emmalee Johnson-Kao
Mickey Rose Even-Vered
Liz Olson
Alec Snow
Jack Coleman
Jade Wootton
Maria Sepulveda
Jack Meriwether
Liam Donaldson
India Timpani
Elyse Johnson
Matthew Villena
R. Eli Jones
Truman Ports
Rae Lavande Pellerin
Laney Flood
Ellie Parker
Virginia Slim
Aelita Parizek
Joe Larson
Lucas Mautner
Lou Goncalves
Liam Pitts
Kate Williams
Jamiya Leach
Lily Arminda
Mimi Pfahler
Ryan Turner
Abby Terrigino